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Who gave Truth and Non-Violence to the world, Who is being read, discussed, seen in videos all over the world, - to perform as Legendary personality Mahatma Gandhiji is a huge challenge and responsibility, because audiences expects certain behaviour and character in your off stage-off screen personal life also, Actor has to willingly or unwillingly adopt certain changes in life, as it is an increased responsibility for an Actor. Many times it seems nature is guiding and taking to the path you are destined for. Whose life is full of happenings, naturally the experiences of performing that character, are also worth sharing. Deepak Antani will talk about his experiences performing Gandhiji and Many other life lessons he learnt, observed and interpreted from varied rich experience during his career as Writer, Director, Actor.



Dipak Antani

Film, Drama and Television Actor, Director and Writer

Hold a degree in dramatics- working since last 15 years on various tv channels.

1. By playing role of Gandhiji he secured his place in top 100 in India Book of Record-2019.

2. Walk with Gandhiji in Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum New Delhi and Talk with Bapu in Rajkot Gandhi Museum.
3. Participant in “Yugpurush” drama 270 shows, there were 7 teams in and he acted in one of the team where in 1 year time 1000 shows took place and became world record.
4. Hindi film Gandhiji my Mentor took entry in 10 respected film festivals and received momentos. At present shown on Zee-5 ott.
5. 3 respected awards by Trans media and Gujarat government.
6. First price winner by a short film Gandhi Hatya in Vadilal International Film Festival.
7. Memorandums for acting in various short films

1. Coming in a lead role of Gandhiji, a Rajkumar Santoshi directed Bollywood film

2. Coming in a lead role in Bangbandhu, a film directed by Shyam Benegal.

1. Post production of 4th Gujarati film.
2. Drama- M.K Gandhi Hajir Ho and Sardar Patel
3. Hindi film on above dramas
4. Biopic film on Late. Shri Hemu Gadhvi

1. Directed yearly Trans Media Screen and stage awards events since last 20 years.
2. Plays a role of main villain in film “Had Kardi Tune” by Mugdha Godse.
3. He directed and acted in many tv serials, programmes , tele films, documentaries and ad films.
4. He wrote a song on “widows of Kargil war.”
5. Occasionally articles in Gujarat Times (U.S.A).
6. He has been invited as judge and as faculty in various competitions.
7. Gandhiji’s monkeys and experiments on truth are on Matru Bharati.
8. Videos on Bapu ki Prayogshala during Corona and Anchoring 75 episodes of “Corona Se Darona.” On Soham tv.

1. Short film on Gandhiji’s life.
2. Tv serial “Sardar Patel”
3. Multimedia show “Aatma Gita”