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Biren Kothari

Biographer, Translator, Compilter and Blogger

Residing at Vadodara since 25 years, Biren Kohari is a full time biographer- translator-compiler-blogger. Born on 6th April, 1965 at Mahemdavad (Dist. Kheda, Gujarat), he studied Diploma in Chemical Engg, and served in the Petrochemical Sector for 22 years. He switched over his field and became a full time writer-biographer from 2007.
He has undertaken various biographical- documentation projects independently as well as with well known litterateur Rajnikumar Pandya.
He has varied interest e.g. Vintage film music, Arts, Cartoons as well as visual humour. His talk on ‘Gandhi in cartoons’ is a unique one in which he introduces cartoons featuring Gandhiji spanning over a century. His blog ‘Palette’ has various interesting contents.
He is co-compiler of an unusual six monthly ‘Saarthak Jalso’ (સાર્થક જલસો). His younger brother Urvish Kothari is well known journalist. His family includes wife Kamini, daughter Shachi and son Ishan.

Complete list of his books can be seen on his blog here:

Bolg : http://birenkothari.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_7.html