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Devika Rahul Dhruva (USA)

Poet, Blogger, writer, Achieved Diaspora Award

  • • Gold medalist of Gujarat University in Sanskrit language. Graduated with Major Sanskrit and subsidiary Gujarati language.
  • • Passion for poetry since childhood. Won several prizes in elocution competition, drama and dance during school and college career including youth festival programs.
  • • Achieved award from great Poet Shree Umashankar Joshi for poetry reciting competition in year 1968..
  • • Published three poetry books.
  • 1. Shabdone Palavade :Samvad Prakashan, 2009
    2. Aksharane Ajavale: Ebook 2013
    3. kalamne kartaale : Goorjar Prakashan 2017

Some poetries are composed by Shri Gaurang Vyas, Shri Karnik Shah, Mrs. Bhavana Desai and Mrs.Namrata Shodhan.

Besides poetry:

1. Athamani Korno Ujas: letter series with Nayana Patel ( 2017) Parshva Prakashan by Diaspora researcher Shri Balvant Jani. And Achieved Diaspora Award from Gujarati Sahitya parishad Ahmedabad. Published English Translation of the same book as Glow From Western Shores.

2. Patrotsav : ( with 3 other co-writers) By Goorjar Prakashan: 2020.

3. Gujarati Ebook ‘Glimpses of History of GSS’ edited for Gujarati Sahitya Sarita of Houston.

Presentation of poems on “Budhsabha of Ahmedabad”, University of Florida, San Francisco Gujarati Group and Gujarati Writers Forum of UK, literary Academy of North America etc.

At present : Active on three different blogs:

• https://devikadhruva.wordpress.com/
• http://devikadhruva.gujaratisahityasarita.org/
• http://webgurjari.in/