5 June 2022 | 09:00 pm IST | 04:30 pm UK | 11:30 am EST (USA) | 10:30 am CST | 08:30 am PST



India is one of the few countries with its rich and living heritage of hand-made fabrics and over 20 million people depending on it even today.

With right environmental, people empowerment and craft oriented policies, restriction on excessive carbon footprint producing industries we can convert our textile industry largely as a low carbon footprint industry.

By doing that we can fulfill our commitment of income generation for the masses and creating a low carbon future for India.



Shailini Sheth Amin

Founder & Senior Partner MORALFIBRE

Shalini is a Founder and a senior partner of MORALFIBRE; a social enterprise working to re-invent and revive Khadi and other hand crafted fabrics which are the pride of India and a significant part of world history.

She studied architecture at CEPT Uni. Ahmedabad; then studied and worked in Indie and in the UK. She is also a community project initiator and a financial consultant. Her field of work has been in energy efficiency and sustainable practices, conservation and heritage support to buildings, places and people. She has worked on several national and international design and research projects with many awards to her credit.

MORALFIBRE - Khadi fabrics are almost carbon neutral and pollution free. Registered member of Fair Trade Forum – India, MORALFIBRE has been able to help support over 2500 artisans-mainly women. The fabrics are sold in India as well as in several countries.

MORALFIBRE brings together business strategy, design thinking, execution, inclusive ownership and decentralized income generation without costing the earth. At a local and global level it helps create more purposeful lives by bringing values and ethics back to clothing in a highly consumerist world community that is distorting our behavior and destroying our soul.