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Where There's a Need, There's a Lion 100+ Years of Serving Humanity 1.4 Million Lions Around the World 47K Lions Clubs 200+ Countries And Regions Served Lions Club’s major focuses are :

  • Vision
  • Youth
  • Disaster Relief
  • Humanitarian
  • Diabetes
  • Hunger
  • Environment
  • Childhood Cancer

FEB.3, 1956 : Lionism comes to the shores of India, through Lions Club of Bombay with Noshir N. Pundole as Charter President. The formation of the first Lions Club in India was the result of the untiring efforts of Noshir Pundole, Hoshir N. J. Khan, Commdr. Keiki B. Godrej and Shafiq A. Monsour assisted by Robert Williams of Lions Club of Saxton, Pennsylvania, U S. A., which sponsored the Loins Club of Bombay and Delhi. The club in Delhi was inaugurated on February 11.

Millions of people in India suffer from vision loss or blindness. A cataract, a clouding of the lens in the eye, is the most common cause of visual impairment in the country. Although surgery can correct the condition, a lack of access to care has prevented many patients from getting the help they need.

Thanks to the continued work of Lions Clubs International since the mid-20th century, hundreds of thousands of people in India have had their eyesight, and their lives, restored.



Lion Ramesh Prajapati

Educator, Social worker, Donor

Education : M E Metallurgy,Diploma in Industrial Management Profession:Real Estate Developer.

Social Worker Since 1988 Helping Students for their Studies,Donating grain Kits to 1000 Widows every year.

Member : International Association of Lions Clubs.

District Governor of 323 F : 98-99.

During DG Tenure : 1200 Membership Growth.

Served in various Committees of Multiple District 323 and 3232.

Served as Centennial celebration Coordinator 2017-18.

Sponsored More than 500 Members in Above Association.

Presently Board Member The Lion India Magazine.

I am honoured by the Association with 10 Leadership Medals,5 Presidential Medals And 12 Appreciate Certificates.

Served as Global Action Team Leader for Gujarat,Maharashtra and Bombay.

Organized Leadership Training Programs for training 700 leaders.