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Let's listen in Shri Vivek Anil Kane word and voice.



Shri Vivek Anil Kane


Born in Pune, Shree Vivek Kane has B E in Mechanical engineering, MBA in Finance and currently pursuing D.Lit. in Musicology

Vivek Kane, also known by his pen name Sahaj, is a Gujarati poet, writer and translator from Gujarat, India. His notable works include Anubhuti (2004) and Kathpootali (The puppet; 2010).

His pen name Sahaj means easy, effortless or natural in Gujarati. He writes in both Gujarati and Urdu. He published his first collection of ghazals Kathpootali (The Puppet) in 2010, which was critically acclaimed by several Gujarati writers and poets including Bhagvatikumar Sharma, Rajesh Vyas 'Miskin', Rashid Meer and Vinod Joshi. He has translated the selected Gujarati poems into Marathi with Mangesh Padganvkar. This work was published as Anubhuti (2004). He has also translated two one-act plays of P. L. Deshpande into Gujarati.

He was awarded the Shayda Award in 1999 for his contribution to Gujarati ghazal poetry. He is also a recipient of Bharatratna P. V. Kane Award (2011) and Mareez Award (2012).