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મહિલા પત્રકાર શબ્દપ્રયોગ એક સમયે આશ્ચર્ય પમાડતો, આજે પણ પમાડે જ છે પણ પહેલા કરતા ઓછો. મહિલા પત્રકાર અંગે બે માન્યતાઓ પ્રવર્તે છે - એક તો એ કે બહાર કામ કરવા જઇએ ત્યારે બહુ પડકારોને સામનો કરવો પડે અને બીજી એ કે મહિલાઓને માટે માહિતીઓ કઢાવવી સહેલી હોય છે. આવી કેટલીક માન્યતાઓ, અનુભવો અને પત્રકારત્વના પડકારો જે મહિલા કે પુરુષ કોઇને પણ નડી શકે છે તે વિશે વાતો કરવા મળીએ, આવતા રવિવારે



Chirantana Bhatt

Journalist-Translating, Author-Screenwriter, Playwright, Dancer, Loves Books, Food, Cinema, Art

Chirantana Bhatt is an editor with gujaratimidday.com and is a columnist based in Mumbai. She was the youngest journalist selected for International Visitors Leadership Programme of the US state government in 2010.

Other than being a journalist she is translating author, screenwriter and a playwright. She is a Masters in History and a trained Kathak Dancer.

With more than 15 years of experience in media she has worked with Divya Bhaskar and BBC and has contributed for publications like Forbes Life and News 18. Apart from some pathbreaking stories to her credit as a journalist her love for languages led her to being a translating author for some noteworthy authors like Esther David, Rujuta Diwekar, Kareena Kapoor to name a few. Her Hindi translation of the play ‘Yugpurush’ went on to be staged across the world for more than 1000 shows. Having written for television and theatre along with being an RJ with All India Radio she has collaborated with directors like Manoj Shah, Pritesh Sodha and Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal in their theatrical productions.

Sarita Harpale

Journalist, Anchor, Event manager

A journalist turned in to writer... Anchor, event manager.

Since last 14 years I am working in the filed of Journalism.

I have done my master's in theatre from M.S.Univercity, Vadodara . Done diploma in kathak.

Have awarded with the scholarship in the filed of theatre from center for cultural research and training (CCRT) Govt. Of India. Have received junior research fellowship from center for cultural resource and training in the filed of theatre, and did my research work on Gujarat's tribes and theatre in their culture and rituals.

Recipient of President award in scout and guide. N.C.C. C'certificate holder.

I am a proud volunteer with UNIMO worlds largest and fastest growing mother community on Facebook.