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Let's listen in Shri Bhagyesh Jha's word and voice.



Shri Bhagyesh Jha

Poet, Retired IAS Officer, Public speaker

Shri Bhagyesh Vasudev Jha – Retired IAS Officer was born on 18th February - 1955;  Nardipur, Gandhinagar. is an administrator by profession, an innovator by practice and a poet by heart. He is well known cultural personality who administered art and culture professionally

Communication and Public Awareness.

Mr. Jha’s communication abilities are divided in three parts.

As a public speaker.
Strategist in planning mass communication and relevant creativity.

literary pursuits.

Mr.Jha is prominent public speaker and a literary personality in Gujarat. His literary manifestations are in his speeches and books

પહાડ ઓગળતા રહ્યા
મીરાની જેમ મને મળજો....
ટેલેન્ટને અજવાળે
પાનબાઈ !
સંકોચાયેલું મૌન
આપણા સબંધં

Awards and innovations.

1997–  Metrochem Award for an outstanding manager of the year, Ahmedabad Management Association
2000 - ( Kheda) , ૨૦૦૩( Vadodara)  – Best Collector Award
2005 – Prime Minister award for implementation of e-governance initiative

Educational & professional life

B. A. with Sanskrit (gold medal)
Wanted to go for medical but could not get admission through so he selected to be IAS officer
1986 –  Study fellow, British Council, Manchester University
International Management Program, USDA graduate school, Washington
Columns – in Navabharat Samay – ‘samayno pagrav; in Namaskar – Samaynu stethoscope; Janmabhumi Pravasi and Kachchhmitrama

1981– Godhara Sub-Divisional Magistrate 1983–  SPIPA 1986–  DRDA - Director, Mahesana 1988–  Sardar Sarovar Yogena – General Manager 1992– GIIC – Corporate Manager 1995–  IndexTB – Managing Director 1996 – Commissioner Industries 1997 – Collector, Khedha 2001 – Collector, Vadodara 2005 – Information and Entertainmaint Tax - Commissioner 2009 –  Sports, Youth & Cultural Department – Secratory , Gujarat Drama & Music Akadami, Gujarat Lalitkala Akadami - Chairman 2015 – Gujarati Sahitya Akadami - Chairman 2016 –  Officer on special duty – Chief Minister office