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Sujata Mehta


Sujata Mehta is an Indian actress, started her currier as child artist in Gujarati stage, Directed by Kanti Madia. Even she has acted in Bollywood films and Gujarati dramas. She has played main lead roles in all Gujarati Drama. She is versatile actress. She has done modeling in many advertisements in consumer products, beauty and fashion-cosmetics, she has modeled for Cadila too..

Passionate about travelling, cooking, jewelry, interior, fashion and communication. She loves to accept challenges.

She has worked with all renounced directors of Gujarati Stage that is Arvind Thakkar, Pravin Joshi, Mahendra Joshi, Shafi Inamdar, Dinkar Jani, Latesh Shah, Umesh Shukla and Raju Joshi.

Ame Baraf Na Pankhi : first act to stardom as teen age, a girl suffering from cancer, later on it was converted into hindi film “Mili” by rishikesh mukharjee.

Chittkar, mentally disorder patient who was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, she has done 800 shows of this play. She has received International Gujarati Film Festival Award as best actress, which happned at New Jersy 2018

Santooragili : she is fortunate to play as My Fair Lady in Gujarati.

Sujatarangrangili : it’s one woman show

Most known for her lead role in Pratighaat (1987) negative roles in Yateem (1988) and Gunaah (1993). She also played the lead role in the critically acclaimed and National Award winning Malayalam movie Purushartham (1987).

She played negative role in film Yateem (1988), directed by J. P. Dutta, she played a lustful step-mother who attempts to seduce her step-son, is rebuffed by him, and then falsely accuses him of raping her. Her performance in Yateem won her accolades and critical acclaim and also a Filmfare Best Supporting Actress nomination. Sujata did not confine herself to a certain image. She played all kinds of roles, irrespective of being positive or negative.

She was also seen in some other films like Tyaagi (1992), Gunaah (1993), Aaaj ki Aurat (1993), Dhartiputra played as moojra dancer as Goolabbai (with superstar Mammuti) (1993), Hulchul (1995), Judge Mujrim (1997), Kanwarlal (with Jeetenra & Raj Babbar), Pratigyabadh – B R Chopra production with Mithun Chakrabarti others.

After appearing in the TV series Khandaan (1985) and Shrikant (1987) she has returned to Indian TV soap operas, playing mother's roles on shows like Yeh Meri Life Hai and Kyaa Hoga Nimmo Kaa (2006), Andaz by Himesh Reshamya (2004), Shrikat classic tv serial (with Farook Shaikh), Bhart Ek Khoj by Shyam Benegal (played role as Draupadi).

Latesh Shah

Actor, Writer, Director, Motivational Leader


− Actor, Writer, Director of Transformational plays like; ‘CHITKAR’ & ‘EK AHAM NI RANI’. Bhagidaar, Mahayatra, Tratak, Aapnoo to Bhai evun etc.
− ‘CHITKAR’ has been a mega hit running full houses since 28 years more than 800 shows. − First full-length play at the age of 23 named Galileo.
− Wrote 30 full length and 150 one-act plays in 30 years.
Award winners like ‘Chitkar’, ‘Mahayatra’, ‘Rajrani’, ‘Bhaagidar’, ‘Maansi’, ‘Tratak’, ‘aapnu to Bhai Evoon’, ‘Pagla Ghoda’, ‘Yudh’, etc.
− Has written 3 films.
− Written for Hindi Films for Shashilal Nair, Madhur Bhandarkar, Vithal Raj, Times Audio- Video.
− Has directed Paresh Raval, Shafi Inamdar, Sujata Mehta, Vipul Shah, Deven Bhojani, Neeraj Vora, Dilip Joshi, Disha Vakhani, Arundhati Rao, Sameer Khakher, Rasik Dave, Ketki Dave,Akshay Kumar,Sunil Shetty,Raveena Tandon, Tabu and others.
− Has Produced 1 serial and directed 5.
− Has written serials:
− Abhi to Mein Jawaan (Dir. Kundan Shah)
− Platform (Dir. Chandra Barot)
− Yes Sir
− Gaane ke Bahane
− Produced 18 dramas.
− Written a book ‘BOLE TO’ to motivate people to express.
− Written and Directed award winning film CHITKAAR.


− Founder and chairman of World Human Development Center- Since 2003, centers in India (Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Delhi Jammu), Kenya, Bangkok, Mauritius.
− Visited to U.s.a Dubai and UK and more 36 countries.
− Founder of Kutch Vagad Fauj- Since 2001, Transform the world through Love, Peace, Knowledge and celebration
− An International and Motivational Speaker, Leader and Transformer.
− He is titled as HUMAN BUILDER.
− Transformed till date more than 100 Thousand families.
− Consultant to various Entrepreneurs, Retailers, Corporate firms and Professionals.
− Awarded as Ambassador for Peace from Interreligious & International Federation for World Peace.
− Felicitated by Dr. Vishwanath Karad, UNESCO Chair, South Africa
− Created a Grand Success in ‘PAANERI SAREE’and ‘HAPASHA’, Publicity and Promotions.
− Biggest Plantation in ‘SALVADORA’ in the world spread over 1000 acres of farm land.
− Did Penance Dhyan Sadhana in different mountains including the Himalayas.
− Read round about 10,000 books on various topics like Psychology, Religion, and Spiritualism.
− He has been invited to speak on various subjects by many institutes all over India and abroad.
− Did 5000 shows all over Gujarat- Maharashtra for awareness towards patriotism.
− Did 21 shows of street play in a day in 1976 ‘Bharat Hamari Mata, Baap Hamara Hijda…’ 45 minutes play, gathered more than 10,000 People on every show. Its a world record.
− Started tutoring children from slums and inspired their parents to allow them to study.
− Have also given his service to Retarded children homes, Orphan homes and Old age homes.
− Till now has trained more than 1000 leaders in various fields.
− Has given more than 12000 speeches nationally as well as internationally, and has transformed appx. more than 300000 People.
− Inspired farmers in Kutchh to do farming in different ways to save cost and produce more.
− Has personally allotted scholarships to more than 100 kids from slums.
− Rehabilitated a village, Kakarava, Bhachau, Gujarat and more than 524 houses after an earth quake in Kutchh
− After an earthquake in 2003, a village was rebuilt by him.
− Created ‘World Human Development Center’ to support complex and confused people to
realize their goal and become confident and achieve it.now the institite is spread worldwide.
− Started writing plays at the age of 12.
− General Secretary of KC College at age 18.
− Was the general secretary in his School in 1969 as well as his College in 1973.
− President of Yuvak Biradari at the age of 19.
− President of Nav Nirman Mumbai at the age of 20.
− President of Dynamic Youth Front for slums at the age of 23
− Did street plays in mumbai, maharashtra and Gujrat from 1975-77 for awareness. DESIGNER OF SEMINAR AND WORKSHOPS.

− Super Power Projection (SP2),
− Super Power Projection for Kids (SP2K)
− Super Power Projection for Teens (SP2T)
− Super Power Projection Punch (SP3),
− Super Memory Master (SM2),
− Super Memory Master for Kids (SM2K),
− V-Swaroop Sanyas Dhyan Sadhna (VSDS),
− Me, Money, Mind, and Soul (M3S),
− Love Identity Fully Expressed (LIFE),
− Exam to Excellance (E2E),
− Freedom Pranayam Meditation (FPM),
− Business VidyaPeeth (BVP),
− Super Mind Power (SMP)
− Money Mantra and various other Transformational Seminars.



Sujata Mehta – Pratibhav

'ગુજરાત સાહિત્ય ફોરમ 'દ્વારા આયોજીત રંગભૂમિ ને રૂપેરી પડદે અભિનયના ઓજસ પાથરનાર સુજાતા મહેતા ને લતેશ ભાઇ સાથેનો વાતૉલાપ ખૂબ જ રસપ્રદ રહ્યો.

માતા નું પ્રોત્સાહન અને તેમના કાકા તથા કાકી રંગભૂમિ સાથે સંકળાયેલા એટલે બાળપણથી જ રંગભૂમિ નું આકર્ષણ. નાનપણમાં અવનવા સુંદર વસ્રોમાં પરિધાન થઇ અરીસા સામે ઊભો રહીને અભિનય કરતાં કરતાં રંગભૂમિ ના ક્ષેત્રે છવાઈ ગયા.

સૌથી પહેલાં નાટક આંખ ની અટારી સાવ સૂની થી જ તેમની અભિનય ક્ષમતાનો પરિચય પ્રેક્ષકો ને કરાવ્યો. પછી તો અવિરત સિલસિલો ચાલુ રહ્યો તેમાં 'અમે બરફનાં પંખી ', ચિત્કાર, સંતુ રંગીલી, રાજરાણી ને લોકો આજે પણ ભૂલ્યા નથી.

નાનપણથી જ પોતાની જાતને એક પ્રશ્ન કરતાં રહેતાં, હું શું કામ જન્મી છું? જે દિવસે તેમને પોતાની અભિનય ક્ષમતાનો પરિચય થયો, તે પછી તો ટોચ પર પહોંચવા માટે ની સફર શરુ થઇ ને સાથે સાથે સંઘર્ષ.

જીવન એક હતું પણ ઘણાં અલગ અલગ પાત્રમાં પોતાની જાતને તે ઢાંચામાં ઢાળવી ને પછી પાત્ર ને જીવંત કરવું એ ખૂબ જ કપરું કામ તેમણે બખૂબી નિભાવ્યું. જે પાત્ર ભજવતા તેમાં ઓતપ્રોત થઈ જતા. પછી એ રાજ રાણી હોય, ફૂલવાળી હોય, સમાજ તરફ આક્રોશ ધરાવતી પ્રતિઘાત ની નાયિકા, શ્રીમંત ઘરાનાના સ્ત્રી હોય કે શરદબાબુ ની કલ્પના ની નાયિકા, વળી ધરતી પુત્ર માં મુજરો કરતી સ્ત્રી હોય. એક જિંદગીમાં કંઈ કેટલાંય રૂપો ધારણ કરી અનેક જીંદગી જીવ્યા.

આજે પણ હજી એ જ પાત્ર ભજવવાનો થનગનાટ ને અભિનય ક્ષમતાનો પરિચય તેમના નવરસ ના અભિનયે ગુજરાત સાહિત્ય ફોરમ ના પરિવાર ના સભ્યો એ માણ્યો .

નવ રસ ના વિવિધ રસ હાસ્ય રસ, કરુણ રસ, રૌદ્ર રસ, શૃંગાર રસ, બિભત્સ રસ, અદ્ભુત રસ, ભય રસ, વીર રસ, શાંત રસ કે પ્રેમ રસ , જે દરેક એકબીજા થી વિરુધ્ધતા ધરાવતા રસ પણ સુજાતા એ એક રસમાં થી બીજા રસમાં ક્ષણમાં પોતાની જાતને ઢાળી ને આંખો દ્વારા જે અભિનય mobile ના screen પર ભજવ્યો તે તો શબ્દો દ્વારા વણૅવી નહી શકાય. અમે સૌ તાળીઓ ના ગડગડાટ સાથે તેમને વધાવી ના શકયા તેનો પણ શ્રોતાઓને અફસોસ થયો. ખૂબ અદ્ભૂત હતું તેમના જીવન ની કંઈ કેટલીય વાતો લતેશભાઇ એ જણાવી.

લેખક તરીકે પાત્ર ને જન્મ આપવો ને પાત્ર ને જીવંત કરવું તેની પ્રતીતિ લતેશભાઇ ને સુજાતા બંને એ કરાવી ને પરિવારે તેમના સાંનિધ્યમાં ધન્યતા અનુભવી.

ખૂબ ખૂબ આભાર કોકિલા બહેન અને તેમની ટીમનો.

સ્વાતિ. દેસાઈ.