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Jigisha Patel

Divyabhaskar Journalist, Story, Novel and Contemplation Series- Sparsh ane Kabir Writer, Poet, Co-Organizer of Bethak

Jigisha Dilip Patel is a fashion designer, journalist, writer, poetess but more so a sensitive soul that connects human emotions at a cellular level. She currently holds positions as a Bureau chief at a globally circulated Gujarati Newspaper “Divya Bhaskar” and as a Community Ambassador of California. In addition, she regularly contributes articles to Feelings Magazine, Gujarat Darpan and Rashtra Darpan.

She is the Co-organizer of “Bethak” a literary group that promotes Gujarati language, art, and culture as well as an active executive committee worker of “Bay Area Gujarati Samaj”. She has conducted over 30 interviews involving writers, poets, musicians, and journalists from different walks of life. Her interview journey is in full swing and shows no signs of stopping. On blog “Shabdonu Sarjan” you can find Jigisha's touching and heartfelt stories, novel "Agnatvas" and interpretations of Dhruv Bhatt's books and songs in a series called Sansparash. An Audio version of Novel "Agnatvas" has been uploaded to Youtube for audience who prefer listening over reading.

Due to her deep interest in spirituality, she researched and articulated over 50 articles on “Kabir”. All of these articles were aired and further discussed on New Jersey’s “Radio Dil”. She expresses herself through various forms of poems and has been invited to the International Poetry conference.