Pashabhai Park





Swati Desai

B.SC. (Botany)

worked as teacher 25 years.

From last 30 years connected with Anavil Samaj& uplift the Samaj. Former president of Anavil Pragati Mandal Vadodara. Run the Mahila pakh for Anavil Samaj .

Love to write Short Stories & Poems.

From childhood love to read stories of Welknown Authors, Biographies of Freedom fighters,Historical books& religious books too.

Hobby: Gardening, singing, dance Garba& During college period professionally acted in drama.

Now best part of my life connected with GSF as impressed by activities of GSF & ideology to promote & Preservation of our MATRUBHASHA GUJARATI.

Dedicated to GSF activities & want to be helping hand to set up the Local & Global network to achieve objectives of Management.