Jamnagar is a city of art and literature lovers. This multifaceted personality, Mr. Lalit Joshi has collaborated with Gujarat SahityaForam as an ambassador.



Mr. Lalit Joshi


Mr. Lalit Joshi presented a Bhavai video named ‘Halo ne Halarnagaam Mr. Lalit Joshi Direct a short film ‘ME TOO’ which was given a first position during Rt. Pinki Patel’s district governance.

Mr. Joshi has been associated with Vision World Drama School for quite a long time. His directed one act play, ‘ShalkaPurush’ received the best actress award. ‘EkTipuSooraj Nu’, ‘Gandhi Naame Nagar’, ‘ShalkaPurush’, ‘Cheer swayamvara’, ‘KshitijJurapo’ are some of the plays directed by him that received much appreciation from the audience.

Rameshwar to RashtrapatiBhavan Drama – A biography of APJ Abdul Kalam was written and then directed by him which was presented to the former president of India.

Janmadata – A full length play, written by Mr. Praveen Solanki and Directed by Mr. Lalit Joshi. He has always believed in catching the actors young and so he has promoted children Dramas named ‘MiyaanFuski’and ‘AdukiyoDadukiyo’ (written BY JIVRAM JOSHI and directed by Bhargav Joshi)., He has organised the well-known ‘Meerabai’ – a dance-drama performance in the cities of Gujarat as well as in Mumbai.

Mr. Lalit Joshi is associated with various schools like ‘Bhavan’s, Swaminarayan Gurukul and LokpriyaProvidentia’ for this expertise in event coordination and organisation. He has served as an event coordinator of the famous ‘Mudra Group’s BhavormiNrutyotsav’ for many years.

He had also spread his wings of acting in the Gujarati film ‘BaapaSitaram – Dharti na Dhabkar and telefilm ‘Aa ejAnamikaChe’. He has also directed documentaries of ‘Sonapuri’ and ‘Love you Jamnagar Fountain Show’. Along with this, Mr. Lalit Joshi is an avid TV news reader and is associated with NAVANAGAR NEWS news companies.

Recently he was associated as an Executive Producer for the well know Gujarati Film I M A Gujju under the banner of e3 productions of Mr. Viral Jain along with the well-known actors like PADMSHREE Mr. ManoJ Joshi and Mr. Rohit Roy.

Mr. Joshi is a former secretary, public image – fund raising chair at Rotary Club of Jamnagar. In the year 2021 – 22 Mr. Joshi WILL served as a President of Rotary Club of Jamnagar.